Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis is in the western desert of Egypt.

It has a special and different character in everything.

Its people still stick to their own customs and costumes. They also have their own language. It is characterized by handicrafts such as embroidery and pottery. They have their own festival called the Feast of the Harvest, which they celebrate in October every year to coincide with the harvest of olives and dates. The architecture also has a distinctive character. The locals basically build their houses of stone and consist of salt, sand, mud, olive trees and palm trees.

There are a lot of water springs in the oasis. These springs include hot, cold, fresh, salty, sulfur springs and salt lakes.

Cleopatra’s Eye is one of the most famous springs which is a stone bath filled with a hot spring.

Siwa has a natural reserve. It contains many endangered animals and birds and a wide variety of plants.

Temple of Amun is one of the most important archaeological monuments in Siwa. The Pharaohs built this temple. This temple witnesses a unique astronomical phenomenon, where the sun perpendicular to the temple twice every year.

Mountain of the Dead is a mountain that includes a group of archaeological tombs.

Mountain Dakrour is a series of adjacent hills, famous for its hot red sand.

Siwa House Museum is in the style of the Siwa House. It contains many holdings that express the Siwa heritage. You will certainly enjoy your time in Siwa Oasis

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