The Grand Egyptian Museum


The Grand Egyptian Museum is the world’s largest museum dedicated to the ancient Egyptian civilization. It has the Ramses II statue at the entrance of the museum. The museum also has artifacts from King Tut’s tomb and thousands of other ancient monuments.

 Heneghan Peng designed the museum in 2003 but the actual construction started in 2005.The engineers built the museum on the plateau of the pyramids of Giza to be close to the pyramids. Moreover, bridges will link the museum and the great pyramids for electric cars and pedestrians to move between the two. The museum has exhibition galleries, storage center, conference center with 3D cinema. It also has retail outlets, restaurants and secondary buildings. The museum is also the new home of the solar boats discovered near the pyramids in 1952. It is the world’s oldest intact boat that could actually sail today if put into a lake or a river.

The engineers constructed the museum on an area of 5 million square feet. The museum is located over a mile from the Great Pyramids of Giza. It aims to strengthen the preservation and restoration of historical ancient Egyptian artifacts. In addition, it will also boost the research and educational activities for the ancient Egyptian civilization. Authorities will open the one-billion-dollar museum in 2023

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