About Us!

OSCATT focus on culture adventure travel for small groups. The tours are curated by our travel experts to have the best experience. We offer exciting itineraries combining immersive culture experiences, fun activities and unique opportunity to explore ancient civilization destinations. The mission is to let people experience these places in unexpected ways, together with other culturally curious travelers and have the opportunity to travel with likeminded people and even make new friends.

In 2022 after the pandemic related travel restrictions were lifted, OSCATT was established in Oak Park, IL just outside Chicago by a group of middle aged friends to inspire people to go beyond their comfort zones in the United States and experience what makes an overseas country, its history, its people and its culture special and unique. Our community of travel experts and local insiders have hand-picked the best places, restaurants, activities and cultural experiences at each destination, together with carefully curated collections of places to stay, inter cites transportations and things to do.

We aim to inspires our travelers to explore the ancient civilizations and relive history from thousands of years ago. We enable them to turn this inspiration into reality by offering a hassle-free experience to enjoy what they read about in history books growing up

Most of the adventures are soft adventures in land, air or sea requiring moderate physical activity. 

We offer escorted tours of max 12 travelers. 

Our registration number with the state of Illinois is 12031181 and we are a licensed tour operator with the state of Illinois 

 NAICS CODE: (56) 

NAICS SUBCODE: Tour Operators (561520)

Max 12 travelers per group for a personalized experience 

The Culture Experience

Want to learn something new and experience the local culture. From pottery classes to cooking classes or even a visit to a local farm to spend a day there

Sailing in Greece

The Adventure

Whether you are looking to explore the Mediterranean seas or just want an escape from everyday life and wish to sail the greek island we will provide that opportunity!

Mediterranean dinner

Authentic Food

At OSCATT we believe that you can’t have a complete culture experience until you have the best authentic taste at the destination. Especially the Mediterranean food 

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